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Our mission is to "foster a consistent life ethic in individual conscience, in families and in society." Church teaching affirms that "every human life has been created in God's image and likeness and is sacred from the moment of conception to natural death." Our main work is education. Developments concerning life issues are discussed monthly. Volunteers distribute resources promoting a consistent life ethic and may foster service and advocacy on life issues. It also seeks to be an outreach to teens, students, and others to cultivate attitudes and actions in harmony with a consistent life ethic. Pray and learn with us. Respect Life works to identify life issues affecting behavior in society; provides resources to help members form a right conscience in accord with the Catholic Church; encourages daily prayer; reaches out to those needing pregnancy support, in prisons and nursing homes.


Contact: Pat Vanderloo 601-261-9491 or

Birthright Hattiesburg  hotline 601-336-5854

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