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The Mission of St. Thomas Aquinas Church Library is to provide orthodox Catholic and Christian materials to support the various needs of the parish and parishioners in order to encourage and nurture positive growth in the Catholic Faith throughout life. The collection contains books, videotapes, dvds, audiocassette tapes and kits, music CDs, audio CDs, Catholic newspapers, teaching aids, reference materials, and a vertical file. The library is located on the second floor of the parish center. It is designed to be self-serve and is open during the week whenever the church offices are open and there are no meetings being held in the library and on Sundays from 9AM – 10 AM. Help is needed for any of the following: to conduct inventory, cover new books, produce a scrapbook of St. Thomas Church history, and/ or help with special events.


Pat Peterson

Phone: 601-268-0281

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