1. Wedding dates must be cleared with the pastor at least six months in advance according to the diocesan Marriage Preparation Guidelines.
  2. The guidelines of the Diocesan Marriage Preparation will be followed.
  3. Priests from other parishes are allowed to perform the wedding ceremony.
  4. Many weddings in the Catholic Church are mixed marriages (two different faiths). The minister of the non-Catholic party is welcome to participate in the wedding ceremony. It is the responsibility of the non-Catholic to extend the invitation to his or her minister. Usually the priest and minister share responsibilities for the actual ceremony.
  5. A stipend is usually given to the priest performing the wedding. A couple usually gives a donation (stipend) to the priest, to show their appreciation for his help and guidance throughout the marriage preparation process and wedding ceremony.
  6. The Angie Box Room can be used by bridal party for dressing etc. All items belonging to wedding parties must be reclaimed immediately after the wedding. All floral boxes, containers must be discarded and the room returned to its original state.
  7. The couple is responsible for arranging their music; however, we do recommend using the parish organist when possible.
  8. All candles must be inside a globe – except for the unity candle.
  9. One of the St. Thomas Wedding Coordinators MUST be used. PLEASE CONTACT: KIM MCCLOSKEY 601-264-5192 OR 228-596-5826
  10. All floral arrangements that are not going to be left for Sunday Mass must be removed from the sanctuary immediately after the wedding. Please let the office know if you plan on donating your flowers for the weekend Masses.
  11. St. Thomas Parish Center is available for rent. Rental is contingent upon the area not being used for another parish function.