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St. Thomas Ministries and Stewardship in the Catholic Church

A simple definition of Stewardship is to live out a commitment to be Christ-centered rather than self-centered. It is not about fund-raising, money or donations it is about prayerfully discerning which and how much of your God-given resources of time, talent, and treasure you can commit to our parish and community. These ministries give all of us a unique opportunity to deepen our faith in the Lord, through prayer and service. The various ministries of St. Thomas parish provide you with a wide variety of ways of connecting with our Parish community. Through these ministries you can learn and grow as an individual, meet others who share your values, and reach out to serve the larger parish and community. Our ministries survive on volunteers and we hope there is something for everyone! If not, join us in creating future ministries.

Opening our hearts to stewardship also opens our hearts to the Lord’s outpouring of His grace and mercy and strengthens us to go forth as His witnesses to the whole world. So read through our ministries and find one that speaks to you – and be a VOLUNTEER!

Feasting at the Banquet Table

Irish Italian Festival

Begins meeting in September until the festival in mid-March.

Hosts our annual festival which involves planning, setting up, managing, and taking down the festival. Our goal is to recognize both St. Patrick and St. Joseph by providing fun and fellowship for the church community at the festival each year. Our mission is to continue to build a strong fellowship in the church community by involving as many parishioners in the festival as possible. We serve the parish and the community-at-large.

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Do-Nut Sundays

Are after the 8:00am Mass on the Second Sunday of the month. This is a chance to welcome, meet, and socialize with newcomers, visitors and parishioners. Everyone is welcome. Tasks are to order and pick up donuts and drinks, set up and serve donuts and coffee and clean up. During this time we try to identify and welcome newcomers to the parish.


Al and Ashley Acosta  601-520-1229

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Covered Dish Sundays

Fourth Sunday after 10:15 Mass, January, February, April, August, September, and October.

The mission of this ministry is fellowship and a chance to meet other parishioners. The parish supplies the meat entree, parishioners bring a favorite covered dish or dessert. Two teams alternate service. Some months are sponsored by a specific ministry and this gives them the opportunity to display materials, give a brief welcome and explanation of their ministry.


Jackie Melancon

Phone: 601-264-8508

Email: j4amelanson@att.net

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