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Quotes from St. Thomas Aquinas

If, then, you are looking for the way by which you should  go, take Christ, because He Himself is the way.

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Welcome to St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church

You have entered a place of refuge and comfort,
    you are welcome to unburden your soul.
You have entered a place of love and safety,
    you are welcome as you are.  There are no conditions.
You have entered a place of hope and longing,
    you are welcome to let your Spirit soar.

Welcome to the official site for St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

We are proud to serve the parishioners of Hattiesburg, as well as serving the educational community at the University of Southern Mississippi.

Saint Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, enriched by our resident and university community and empowered by the Spirit, strives to live a Christ centered life and proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus Christ through Worship, Sacrament and Community Service.

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St. Thomas Aquinas Church

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RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)

St. Thomas RCIA will begin on September 8, 2014. RCIA is a process of learning and living the Good News of Jesus as revealed by the Bible and Catholic Tradition. It is a place where deeper Christian faith development happens through a series of teachings, discussion, faith sharing and fellowship. RCIA is for anyone who:

  • Is not Catholic but wants to learn more about the Catholic faith.
  • Is not Catholic but desires to

Welcome To St. Thomas, Alex!

Congratulations, to Alex Favazza, Jr. the new St. Thomas Choir director! Alex is currently a graduate fellow at Southern Miss and teaching assistant for the department of Choral Activities. He is from Memphis, TN and his wife Melanie is from the Gulf Coast. A quote from Alex’s application, “The glorious service, the profound lectionary, and the beautiful traditions of the Church have a special place in my heart. I would love to serve your Church and worship with you, helping

New Parish Council

We would like to congradulate our newly elected Parish council and thank them for agreeing to be on our council!

Parish council members Reggie Blackledge, Beverly Frosch, Bob McCarthy, Joe Niezgoda, Kathy Schimel, Patricia Burchell, R.D. Ellender, Chuck Junek, Jo Loftus, Tony Bonfanti.

Please keep them in prayer as they make decisions in  guiding our parish, and making plans for the future.

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